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Why Choose Walk in Urgent Care over ER

When an illnesses or injury occurs, it’s not always possible to see your primary care physician right away. When you need immediate medical attention, the emergency room is not always the best option, says Shikha Goyal of White Plains Urgent Care. White Plains Urgent Care provides the top-quality healthcare you can expect at the ER, but without the long wait-times and expensive bills that go along with hospital care. Total cost of seeing patient in Urgent Care is often less than the co-payments to the emergency room. Emergency room is best for treating life threatening and serious medical conditions.

Quick Access to Care

Emergency rooms are known for long wait times, especially for patients with mild to moderate health concerns. Because emergency rooms treat critical cases, individuals with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries are considered low priority – which could mean spending hours in an uncomfortable waiting room before you’re ever seen by a doctor. In fact, the average ER wait time for a patient with a non-life-threatening condition is routinely several hours.
White Plains Walk-in Medical Care only treats patients with non-life-threatening conditions and therefore patients are seen promptly, in order of their arrival. Wait times to see a doctor very rarely exceed 20 minutes, and most patients are out the door within the hour.

Affordable Rates

A trip to the emergency room can be very expensive, even when you carry health insurance. But at the White Plains Urgent Care, patients have access to the same quality care they’d receive at the ER at a fraction of the cost. We accept most insurance and can bill them directly. If you’re not insured, Urgent Care offers convenient self-pay options with straightforward rates, so you’ll never have to worry about receiving additional or surprise medical bills.

Patient-centered Philosophy of Care

White Plains Walk-in Medical Care believes in providing high quality urgent care at affordable costs. We believe in serving the dynamic community of White Plains. Medical care is provided 7 days a week by compassionate Doctors and Nurses with minimal wait times for the patients.


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