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Patient Reviews

Mohan S.
Quality: Excellent
I'm glad that I found Dr. Shikha Goyal for my medical condition. There is zero waiting time and the facility is very clean. I would highly recommend Dr. Goyal.
There is a covered parking garage just opposite to her clinic which charges 75 cents for 1 hour which is very convenient to park the car and walk to her office.

Norris N.
Quality: Excellent
Often times I am not pleased with visits to health care facilities due to the extremely long waiting time. However, when I visited here, I hardly had to wait. The reason probably being that the facility was new, and not many people know about the place yet. Of course, since the facility is new, it is very clean. I merely went for a yearly checkup, but that procedure went very smoothly, and the overall experience was pleasant.

Francesca N.
Quality Excellent
Professional and Thorough.  Treated for eye infection. The office is modern and clean, Dr. Goyal is responsive and knowledgeable.

Janet P.
Quality Excellent
This place really helped me. I came to the Urgent Care for poison ivy rash which was spreading. I was not able to get an appointment with Dermatologist. Dr. Goyal gave me medication and itching got better. This is great place for me since I live in White Plains.

Rahul V
Quality Excellent
My 5 year old son fell on the sidewalk and started bleeding on the knees. Luckily White Plains Urgent Care was just 3 blocks away. We walked in, got to see the doctor in less than 10 minutes. Doctor Goyal was professional and friendly. My son felt very comfortable with her and the whole procedure went smoothly. I would highly recommend White Plains Urgent Care.

Kathy H.
Nice clean office. Office staff is friendly. Saw the doctor right after checking in.

Nancy F.
I came to see a doctor for sore throat on the weekend. I got the throat test and got prescription for antibiotics. Overall I am pleased with the care.

Albert S.
Doctor Goyal is 1 of the best doctors in Westchester County I truly trust her with my life.

Marjorie M.
Thank you Urgent Care for holding a preservative free dose from my daughter with ASD. So appreciated.

I felt the staff had been understanding and been willing to answer any of my questions.

I was very happy with the service and attention Dr. Goyal gave to me. Thank you for helping me when I wasn't home.

I was overall satisfied, but because of the conditions I came in for I had to get referred to a different doctor. I appreciated her referral because I have not been in the area long.

Brief but thorough.

I was extremely impressed with the doctor's assistant who saw me first. She was extremely capable and pleasant and informative. Dr. Goyal is a lovely and calm and gentle doctor who is thorough and knowledgeable and informative. You do not feel rushed. I will use her again!

Gregg P.
I don't dish out compliments regularly, but this is a great office! Super-nice receptionist, short wait, wonderful doctor. I had the mega flu and high sugar (I'm diabetic) a few months ago and they were just great!

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