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Concussion is Brain Injury

Concussion in sports is a major health care priority in America. It affects 3.8 million athletes in a year.
Symptoms of concussion include headache, nausea, unsteadiness, memory loss and altered brain function after an injury. It may be accompanied by loss of consciousness.
It is vitally important that an athlete who suffers a concussion is checked by a Doctor who is experienced in concussion before they go back to sports.  The reason is that athlete who returns to sports before the concussion is healed can suffer one of three things.

  1. Second impact syndrome is a rare condition from a second concussion on top of the previous unhealed concussion which can lead to brain swelling and possible death.
  2. Early return to sports can also cause post-concussion syndrome from a repeat injury. This can lead to symptoms which can persist for months or even years.
  3. Athletes with repeated concussion can also develop neurodegenerative disease of brain.

The symptoms from the concussion can resolved within a few days, but the objective measure of brain injury can last for a week or several weeks. A baseline cognitive test is a computerize test that athletes take prior to the entry into sports.  A repeat test after the injury is done to evaluate if the brain function has returned to baseline. There are also more sophisticated diagnostic tests to evaluate brain injury after a concussion.
The key point to know is that CONCUSSION IS BRAIN INJURY. Let it heal completely and get checked by the Doctor before returning back to sports.



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