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Pneumonia (Community Acquired)

Pneumonia is an infection of lungs. Infection can occur due to bacteria, virus or fungus.  Pneumonia affects millions of American each year.

Risk factors for pneumonia include:
Chronic lung disease (COPD); Smoking; Flu; serious medical conditions such as diabetes and immune deficiency

Symptoms of Pneumonia include:
Coughing with greenish, tan or bloody mucus
Fevers with shaking chills
Shortness of Breath
Confusion in older patients

Diagnosis of pneumonia is based on history and physical examination by the doctor. Blood tests, cultures and chest X-ray are also helpful in the diagnosis.

Bacterial pneumonia is most common type of pneumonia and is treated with antibiotics and breathing treatments. Your doctor will determine if you need to be admitted to the hospital.

Wash hands regularly
Stop smoking

Vaccines decrease the chances of getting pneumonia by common virus and bacteria which cause the infection.

Flu vaccine helps prevent pneumonia caused be influenza virus
Pnuemococcal vaccine helps prevent pneumonia caused by Strep Pneumonia bacteria.



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