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Bottle water can have more bacteria than tap water

EPA standards for tap water are much stricter than FDA standards for bottled water. The result is that tap water is cleaner and cheaper.

Two independent studies confirmed the above statement.

The first study at Case Western Reserve University tested 39 samples of bottled water in Cleveland, OH and found that 15 of the samples contained about twice as much bacteria as tap water.

Another study by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that about 18% of bottled water brands contained more bacteria than what is allowed by EPA for tap water.

Also about 25% of bottled water sold in the US is tap water. Aquafina (Pepsi product) and Dasani (Coke product) get some of water supply from tap.

Most bottle water is of high quality; however some are out of line with the strict guidelines for the tap water.
On rare occasions tap water gets contaminated and utilities are required by law to inform the people when this happens.

People that have well water need to get the water tested and then determine if it is safe to drink.



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