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Flu Facts

Flu comes on as abrupt onset of symptoms of fever, chills, tiredness, aches, sore throat,  runny & stuffy nose, chest discomfort and cough. Children with flu can also have vomiting and diarrhea.

You can get flu by droplets from cough or sneeze and by direct contact from a person with flu. Flu virus can live outside a person on surfaces for 2 to 8 hours.

Incubation period of flu is 1 to 4 day. This means that you can feel sick with flu even one day after coming in contact with the virus.

Infectious period of flu is from one day prior to the symptoms to 5-7 days after the symptoms.  Children can have longer infectious period.

Flu Vaccine is the first line of defense against the flu. Flu vaccine will take about 2 weeks to work. You can still get flu after getting a vaccine; however the symptoms will be milder.

Anti-viral medications can decrease the intensity of flu symptoms. The medication needs to be taken within 48 hours of symptoms to be effective.

Anti-viral medications can also help in prevention of flu for the family members who are in close contact with the patient.



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