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Mononucleosis is a common viral disease which is caused by Epstein-Barr virus and is transmitted from person to person by saliva. It is also called “the kissing disease” and occurs most commonly in young adults.

Symptoms of Mono include fatigue, fever, headache and sore throat. The sore throat gets worse over time and patients develop swollen lymph nodes, tonsils and sometimes enlarged spleen. Symptoms of Mono occur 4-6 weeks after getting the virus. The illness of mononucleosis typically last for one month. Some of the symptoms can linger on for longer periods. The Epstein-Barr virus stays in the infected person for life in a dormant state.

If mono is suspected you should see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. The diagnosis is based on history, examination and laboratory tests. Treatment of mononucleosis involves rest and supportive care. Antibiotics are avoided unless a secondary infection such as strep throat occurs. Patients who are given ampicillin can develop a rash. Patients are instructed to avoid contact sports due to risk of rupture of an enlarged spleen.

Prevention: Person with mononucleosis is contagious --before, during and a few months after the disease. If you or someone close to you has mononucleosis, avoid kissing and sharing food and utensils.



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