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One in 5 deaths in United States is traced back to smoking:
Lung Cancer                          
COPD, Bronchitis
Most other Cancers including: Head & Neck, Stomach, Pancreas, Kidney, Bladder, Blood and Bone Marrow.
Heart Disease: Heart Attack, Angina, Coronary artery disease
Stroke and TIAs, Dementia, Paralysis
Peripheral Arterial Disease: Leg pain, Gangrene, Amputations, Aneurysms

Other conditions linked to Smoking:
Skin aging, Wrinkles
Infertility, Preterm delivery, Still birth
Impotence, Erectile dysfunction

Smoking affects all senses:
Periodontitis, tooth decay, loss of taste
Cataracts, Blindness
Deafness, Hearing Loss
Loss of smell
Neuropathy, Loss of touch

In conclusion:  Smoking will Suck the Joy out of your Life before it Kills you.

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